Jinga | Jinga Life

Jinga Life is about empowering the Jinga – a pivotal central figure in the delivery of healthcare who is currently overlooked and not recognised for the role they play. Normally the Jinga represents the female in the family.

Jinga Lifes vision is to place the Jinga and her family at the center of healthcare, to improve family health and improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

Jinga life aims to make the life of the Jinga easier by providing a medical grade digital platform on which she can create health records for each one of her family members. Because she is in charge of family health she is the one who has had to take her family members to the doctor or to take care of them at home.

Therefore she is a natural database of their health history. To keep those records safe for ever Jinga Life allows her to record them and access them anytime, anywhere., 24/7. Some of the data that she can record are past future medical visits, upcoming appointments, medications, allergies, laboratory and examination results and vital and biometric data.
Jingas can update the records any time as she records doctors’ appointments and daily vital signs and diagnoses.

Every Jinga can try Jinga Life platform for free for 30 days